The following information exclusively refers to the franchise co-operation in Hungary.

What kinds of licences are required in connection with the opening of a Fornetti-store?

  • Previously, would-be dealers had had to obtain licences from several authorities before operation licences were issued. Nowadays there is no need to do so; even fire security officials only visit the location after the outlet is opened.

  • In accordance with the amendment, commercial activities have to be notified to the competent commercial authority (municipality), following which vending may commence, provided that no products subject to granting a separate licence (sandwiches, milk, cream, whipped cream, confectionery products, ice cream) are intended to be sold. The municipality shall keep a record of such notifications, which, together with the registration number shall replace the operating licences. Such notification shall not be displayed in the commercial outlet – it shall be safeguarded amongst the other documents.

  • From now on, authorities shall no longer implement a permit procedure, but acknowledge the notification of vendors. The entrepreneur shall make a declaration concerning the scope of products intended to be sold. The municipality shall inform the competent authorities (Directorate of Food Chain Safety and Animal Health, the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service /ÁNTSZ/) about the notification, and the aforementioned authorities shall carry out an on-the-spot check within 21 days thereafter.

  • It is advised to request the opinion of the local Directorate of Food Chain Safety and Animal Health before shaping the outlet, and to put forward a separate licence application in accordance with the stipulations of FVM-decree No. 57/2010 (V.7), and to attach the related statements of the relevant public utility service providers – water, electricity, natural gas –, the floor plan of the planned outlet, handling plans, planned method of forwarding, planned staff number, copies of training certificates, cleaning, washing-up, tidying instructions, management- and disposal plans of by- and waste-products, bacteriological water-sample results prepared in an accredited laboratory within the last 30 days.

  • Any and all activities carried out with dangerous substances and mixtures shall be notified to the OSZIR – Chemical safety subsystem electronically /www.antsz.hu/, the administration service charge – HUF 7800 – shall be paid to the regionally competent District Public Health Institute, whereas a professional shall be made to carry out the chemical risk assessment.

What is required in order to start an exhibition bakery?

  • Business premises (own or rented)

  • At least 1 freezer with a capacity of 400 litres (from HUF 80,000).

  • A counter fitting into the image of the store, which is suitable for displaying the products (can be purchased from Fornetti Kft. from approximately HUF 80,000) (can be bought from Fornetti Kft. for a price starting from HUF 80,000).

  • Should it prove necessary, we will also undertake the comprehensive internal layout of an outlet.

  • Unique external decorations

  • Auxiliary equipment – for example a support for displaying racks, trays etc.

  • A one-time franchise system entry fee of HUF 150,000 + VAT, which enables using 1 oven and its accessories.

  • Any further technical equipment is provided by us within the framework of a lease construction.

Having regard to the fact that we also facilitate the participation of new partners, we kindly request you to contact our franchise directorate with your concrete questions at telephone number +36/76/502-070. Our associates will be happy to be at your disposal.

Day by day almost 1 million people consume the products of Fornetti. Adapting to the needs of our customers we place emphasis on the continuous renewal of our range of products.
The franchise system of Fornetti enables you to safely extend the product range of your existing store with a small investment, or to start a new, profitable business.
In 2004 Fornetti founded the foundation named Fornetti for Cardiomyophatic Children, a non-profit organisation supporting the healing of children in various forms.