Fox Adventurer

Fox Adventurer is an online game which, taking the characteristics of the children’s age group into consideration processes tasks based on their existing knowledge and school curriculum in a playful and interesting way, while introducing the country via its cultural-historical, geographical, literature, folklore and scientific peculiarities. Further milestones of content development are physical exercise and sport, which occasionally direct children onto the bosom of Mother Nature, together with the conscious decision concerning a healthy diet and foodstuff. During the game both individual and class-achievements are rewarded.

The next game is going to be launched in the autumn, but the website already provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the game and to collect preliminary points before the competition starts.

Fox Adventurer became 3rd in the Hungarian round of the competition for the Best Child-friendly Internet Content! The competition would like to inspire children and adults alike to prepare web-contents for children giving ground for learning, playing, discovering and creating. Another objective is to be able to give and guidelines to parents concerning the kinds of games they can recommend to their children with a clear conscience. On the whole, the “Safer Internet Programme” within the framework of which the competition was put into practice, serves the purpose of making the use of the Internet and the new online technologies safer in accordance with the values mediated by the European Union.

In the “Gamification” category Fox Adventurer became 1st at eFestival, the competition organised for excellent Hungarian digital contents. The purpose of this competition is to inspire the creators to produce and provide the most high-quality digital contents possible to the users both in Hungary and abroad. Therefore eFestival is a competition introducing the digital content developing practice of the domestic creative industry. Together with the prize the game received the User Friendly Website Qualification, which is a professional acknowledgment and quality stamp for websites helping users and customers get access to information and services in an easier, more transparent and secure way.

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